Marble Arch Place

Date: 2016

Address: London

Client: Multiplex and architects Rafael Vinoly


Marble Arch Place

Working for contractor Multiplex and architects Rafael Vinoly, Integral Cradles has completed a significant façade access solution at Marble Arch Place, an impressive new development that has gifted London a new landmark and a striking new gateway to the West End.

Designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, for clients Almacantar and the Portland Estate, the development consists of an 18-storey residential tower, with 54 apartments and a seven-storey commercial building providing over 95,000 square feet of high-quality office space.

Due to the need for early design coordination, Integral Cradles was awarded the contract back in 2016 by Multiplex Construction to provide two BMU systems.

For the commercial building, the BMU has a reach of 12 metres and an auxiliary winch safe working load of 600 kilograms.

The residential building BMU has a reach of 23 metres and an auxiliary winch safe working load of 870 kg. To reach all areas of the building, including the podium facades, and to keep the BMU size manageable, Integral Cradles also designed and installed two tracked diverter trolleys.

Integral Cradles were again able to innovate and provide a commercial saving for the client. We utilised designed systems that had only previously been implemented on the 52 Lime Street project, which won Integral Cradles the prestigious PFM award in 2018. In this project, we are able to partner with the client to remove a system on the lower roof by implementing a rope drive system to redirect and safely position the upper machines cradle to permit controlled access to the lower buildings elevations. This had both commercial and space benefits.

Integral Cradles used BIM methods to coordinate all of the designs with the overall building model, ensuring construction efficiency as well as residual benefits for the end client regarding the ongoing maintenance and their asset control.

GIND UK carried out the maintenance works during the construction phase of the project and has now secured the order to undertake the fully comprehensive, warrantied maintenance and servicing of this primely located London development.

This is another example of BIM design and innovation from Integral Cradles, with ongoing technical maintenance experience from GIND UK bringing benefits to the build process, the client and ultimately the immediate environment around the building.

The equipment will form part of newly secured warrantied maintenance service provided by GIND UK.

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