Design and installation

Many of the buildings we have worked with are unique in size and structure, requiring a unique system for accessing their façade.

Mounted permanently at roof level, a building maintenance unit (BMU) is the safest and most comprehensive type of suspended access system, providing full lateral, horizontal and vertical movement of the working platform. BMUs are automatic, remote controlled or mechanical devices which carry window washing operatives to maintain or clean the covered surfaces. Units range from small, simple devices used by a single operative to larger outreach units used on high-rise buildings.

Working with our manufacturing partner, our bespoke designs are created and rigorously tested prior to being delivered to the building. We can also deliver standard models.

We are also called upon to create innovative roof systems enabling maintenance units to be stored away neatly within the building. Our designers and engineers use Building Information Modelling (BIM), enabling any problems to be detected and resolved quickly and easily with the use of BIM software and three-dimensional imagery. BIM is also used to train clients how to operate the access systems we deliver.

Testing and maintenance

We put all our façade access systems through a rigorous test and inspection process to ensure they comply with current legislation – and for our own satisfaction that they are of the highest possible quality.

Our specialist teams contain qualified electricians who can diagnose and repair any electrical faults that could arise, causing minimal disruption to your operations. Test and inspection procedures are carried out in line with:

  • BS 6037-1: Code of practice for the planning, design, installation and use of permanently installed access equipment – suspended access equipment.
  • BS 6037-2: Code of practice for the planning, design, installation and use of permanently installed access equipment – travelling ladders and gantries.
  • BS 6037-1 requires that all façade access systems are load-tested at intervals not exceeding 13 months.

Machine maintenance

  • Pre-planned preventative maintenance visits (typically three-monthly)
  • Statutory LOLER inspection attendance (required six-monthly)
  • 24/7 Call-out facility with outsourced call centre, which enables an escalation process in an emergency.
  • London-based engineering teams achieving 1-2 hour target response times.
  • London Bridge-based storage facilities for spare parts.
  • Bespoke user training with certificates provided
  • Bespoke service inspection sheets created for each machine.
  • Critical spare parts list created for each machine to enable client to assess downtime risk.
  • Monthly Activity Reports including 1-year planned visit lookahead.
  • BMU usage records which graphically demonstrates the uptime/downtime data.
  • Machine usage statistic reports to assess remaining part life and to compare construction usage to normal post construction use.

Electronic site reporting

  • All site teams have 4G iPads with Formworks site forms application.
  • Photos, sketches, signatures and GPS location are all added into the daily forms.
  • Electronically signed daily pre-start briefing.
  • Forms select pre-approved RAMS from drop-down list with alerts to prevent work being carried out.
  • This is submitted automatically in PDF form when complete.
  • All data is stored on a hub to allow site statistics to be analysed when required.

GIND UK is our strategic maintenance partner. Together we can deliver a complete design, manufacture, installation, service and maintenance solution. Leading organisations across the construction sector choose GIND UK for their combination of unrivalled experience and technical capability that has delivered ongoing maintenance solutions for the most complex commissions.

The team approaches every project as a unique challenge and the opportunity to develop a truly dynamic and highly efficient façade access maintenance solution. Quality and safety underpin every project and GIND UK has gained the following accreditations and memberships:

The success of GIND UK has been built on strong relationships with its clients who put their complete trust in the team to deliver inspired solutions on time and on budget. Working with the most advanced technology, GIND UK continually delivers groundbreaking maintenance solutions.

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