Woodberry Down, Hackney

Date: 2011

Address: Hackney, London.

Client: Berkeley Homes Ltd


Woodberry Down, Hackney

As part of a 20-year programme to regenerate the Woodberry Down area of Hackney, 1,980 homes were demolished and more than 5,500 new ones were built. In addition, three new parks, a community centre and library, a new academy and extended primary school and a new children’s nursery will be built.

It is a sustainable development committed to the natural environment and energy conservation, enhancing the area’s abundant wildlife. Master planning for Woodberry Down has focused on creating a sustainable community, with large and improved public open spaces as well as impressive new community facilities.

Berkeley Homes placed the order with Integral Cradles Ltd for a single telescopic BMU to serve the 27-floor residential building.

This static BMU was centrally placed on four hold-down units, has a telescopic three-section reach of 21.2m for both the cradle and the main machine slew. Hoisting is at an increased 14m per minute.

The BMU continues to perform with excellent reliability.

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