Integral Cradles delivers another seamless access solution at HSBC Tower

Integral Cradles, a leading provider of specialist access solutions, has once again showcased its expertise with the successful installation of a new building maintenance unit (BMU) at HSBC Tower, Level 5.

This project followed the replacement of 2No. BMUs on Level 44 delivered in 2015, solidifying Integral Cradles’ longstanding relationship with the iconic tower.

Tasked with replacing the Level 5 BMU, Integral Cradles utilised there in-house specialist lifting teams to execute the removal of the existing unit and replace necessary tracks.

Despite the challenge of conforming to updated standards, Integral Cradles’ design department engineered a solution that allowed for the re-use of the low garage to park the replacement BMU.

Discussing the latest work at HSBC Tower, Kevin Walton Managing Director at Integral Cradles, said: “We are pleased to have successfully completed another crucial installation at HSBC Tower,”

“Our team’s dedication to innovation and precision, combined with our strategic partnerships, ensured the successful integration of the new BMU while meeting the client’s specific requirements.”

Integral Cradles’ commitment to excellence and adaptability is underscored by the company’s ability to deliver tailored access solutions for complex environments. By leveraging their expertise and collaborative approach, Integral Cradles continues to uphold the highest standards in the facilities management industry.

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