Integral Cradles delivers complex access solution at One Nine Elms

Integral Cradles, a leading provider of specialist access solutions, has successfully completed a challenging project at One Nine Elms, a prestigious development spearheaded by Multiplex for R&F Properties. Comprising a 58-storey City Tower, a 42-storey River Tower, and a luxurious hotel, One Nine Elms exemplifies luxury living and hospitality in London.

Integral Cradles was tasked with providing a comprehensive fa├žade access solution for the entire complex, which included four building maintenance units (BMUs), five restraint rails, one monorail, and a total of 95 meters of fall prevention safety rails.

This complex project aimed to ensure the seamless maintenance and safety of the development.

Discussing the solution at One Nine Elms, Kevin Walton, Managing Director at Integral Cradles said:

“We are proud to have been entrusted with the intricate access requirements of One Nine Elms. Despite the challenges posed by limited roof space and delays on site, our team worked hard to complete the project within agreed timescales and budget, ensuring the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations for years to come.”

Integral Cradles’ commitment to excellence and innovation further enhances its unrivalled reputation to deliver tailored access solutions for complex environments. By collaborating closely with Multiplex and other stakeholders, Integral Cradles continues to uphold the highest standards in the building access industry, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in major construction projects.

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