Integral Cradles implements innovative access solution at Thames City – Building N6

Integral Cradles, a leading provider of innovative access solutions, has successfully completed a unique project at Thames City – Building N6, an 18-storey residential tower developed by MACE Limited.

This luxury apartment complex boasts exclusive amenities, including dedicated parking, a rooftop pool, and terrace access on each floor.

Challenged by MACE Limited to develop an unconventional façade access solution, Integral Cradles rose to the occasion. The project’s specifications demanded a low-level solution for a high-rise building, with the parking height above roof FFL restricted to 750mm and requiring a roof-launched system.

Discussing the work, Kevin Walton, Managing Director at Integral Cradles, said: “We are delighted to have delivered a tailored access solution for Building N6 at Thames City. By collaborating closely with the client and façade access consultant, we moved forward with an innovative approach that met the unique challenges of this project while ensuring safety and efficiency.”

Integral Cradles’ solution comprised a low-level roof trolley and a powered cradle, ingeniously designed to be stored on its back. Additionally, two new lifting davits were installed to safely rig the cradle at roof level, providing a comprehensive and practical access solution for the residential tower.

This project exemplifies Integral Cradles’ commitment to innovation and design-led solutions, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry. By leveraging expertise and a collaborative approach, Integral Cradles continues to deliver tailored access solutions that meet the evolving needs of complex construction projects.

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