Integral Cradles elevates access solutions at Thames City N8/N9 buildings

Integral Cradles, the premier choice for innovative access solutions, has demonstrated its expertise with the installation of two large reach, static machines at Thames City N8/N9 buildings in London.

Designed by SOM Architects and HBA, Thames City N8/N9 comprises two residential towers featuring a total of 526 luxury apartments, complemented by expansive green spaces and world-class amenities.

Integral Cradles was tasked with providing two large BMUs, each with impressive reach capabilities – one boasting a reach of 40.6 meters and the other a huge 44.5 meters.

To ensure comprehensive façade coverage, each BMU was equipped with a secondary jib to cover the cradle drops closest to the machines. Despite the challenge of limited parking height, with only three meters available, Integral Cradles delivered a solution that maximised efficiency while minimising impact, showcasing the company’s commitment to ensuring building accessibility.

“We are proud to have played a role in enhancing access solutions at Thames City N8/N9 buildings,” said Kevin Walton, Managing Director at Integral Cradles.

“Our team’s dedication to innovation and design excellence, combined with our strategic partnerships, allowed us to overcome the unique challenges of this project and deliver a solution that met the highest access standards.”

Integral Cradles’ work at Thames City N8/N9 buildings is a further addition to its impressive project portfolio, cementing its status as a leader in the industry, trusted to deliver tailored access solutions for complex environments.

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