Integral Cradles provides new access solutions at 20 Ropemaker Street with trio of BMUs

Integral Cradles, a leading provider of access solutions, has successfully completed the installation of three building maintenance units (BMUs) at 20 Ropemaker Street in collaboration with Skanska.

20 Ropemaker Street is a mixed-use commercial scheme, located near Moorgate Tube Station, features 419,093 sq. ft of office space and 11,785 sq. ft of ground-level retail space.

This completed project ensures comprehensive fa├žade access for the unique ‘bookcase’ buildings of 20 Ropemaker Street. Integral Cradles rose to the challenge by delivering three distinct BMUs: a 31m, a 23.5m, and a 4.7m reach BMU. Notably, the 4.7m BMU traverses on a guide track instead of twin tracks, an innovative solution from Intergral Cradles, tailored to the project’s needs.

Discussing the project, Kevin Walton, Managing Director at Integral Cradles said: “We are delighted to have successfully provided the technical expertise and equipment required to meet the access demands of 20 Ropemaker Street. Collaborating closely with Skanska and leveraging the expertise of our access equipment supply partner GIND, Spain, we ensured the timely delivery of these essential access solutions.”

Integral Cradles’ commitment to excellence and its collaboration with our top-level manufacturer facilitated the seamless delivery of the project, enhancing the building’s maintenance capabilities and ensuring the safety and efficiency of access operations.

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